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Probate, Estate Planning, Power of Attorney and Trust clients


  • Deed of Variation planning / IHT mitigation for clients receiving an inheritance (other than from spouse), opportunity to ‘double up’ the IHT saving.
  • Advice for beneficiaries receiving capital sums via a Will - on improving the return on deposit monies and/or on investments to meet their personal and financial objectives - ensuring they are aware of all risks involved and are not taking more risk than is necessary.

Estate Planning

  • Inheritance Tax mitigation for clients with assets over the Nil Rate Band(s).
  • Outlining the advantages/disadvantages for clients considering making large outright gifts and discussing the advantages/disadvantages of Trust planning.
  • Whole of Life insurance (typically in relation to IHT planning).
  • Minimising Income Tax / CGT liabilities for higher rate taxpayers.
  • Advice on improving the return on deposit monies and on investments to meet personal and financial objectives and ensuring that they are aware of all risks involved and are not taking more risk than is necessary.

Power of Attorney

  • For clients at point of entry to, or already in, residential/nursing care (or their Attorneys) - advice on meeting any shortfall in funding care fees or ensuring that capital is not eroded over the long term to pay for care fees as care fees increase. This could include advice on maximising income, both from State Benefits and investments or implementing a specialised immediate care plan, which provides a guaranteed income towards the cost of care for however long it may be needed.
  • Cashflow modelling for clients approaching a major life event (such as retirement or entering care) who wish to look at their cash flow situation both now and projected for the future and what steps can be taken to improve their situation.


  • Ensure Trustees receive regular and good advice in line with the Trustee Act.
  • Specialist IHT schemes (such as schemes that work within a short period of time for clients with reduced timeframes for IHT planning).
  • Trusts for minors / Intestacy.
  • Minimising tax liabilities for Trustees.