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Family Law

Pension sharing on divorce 

  • How to achieve the maximum possible value out of a pension share (particularly from a defined benefits / final salary scheme for either the pension scheme member or the non-scheme member.
  • Advice on whether to remain as a ‘shadow member’ within a defined benefits / final salary scheme or whether to transfer to an alternative Pension provider.
  • If a transfer to an alternative Pension provider is required, advice on where is most suitable to transfer to. As part of this proves, we also advise on the most suitable way to set up the new Pension and on an appropriate investment strategy given the client’s needs and investment objectives.
  • Structuring investments to meet a client’s objectives and ensuring that they are aware of all risks involved and are not taking more risk than is necessary.
  • Drawing tax-free cash and/or an income from pensions and/or generating income from other assets.

General financial advice and/or investment advice

  • Improving the return on deposit monies (for any capital that will not be utilised for some time).
  • Minimising tax liabilities.
  • Cashflow modelling to look at a client’s cash flow situation both now and projected for the future and what steps can be taken now to improve the situation.