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Corporate / Commercial

Personal planning

  • Advice on the sale of the business and replacing the income that will be lost by using the sale proceeds, investments, pensions or property and ensuring they will have sufficient income for the rest of their lives (particularly as income is hard to generate).
  • Cashflow modelling to determine how close to financial independence a business owner is.
  • IHT planning and consideration of the interaction with Personal and Pension assets.
  • Advice on a business owner's own cash / investments / property portfolios and Personal Pensions (including SSAS/SIPPs) in terms of their continuing suitability and how the maximum value can be extracted from them.
  • Structuring investments to meet all personal and financial objectives of a business owner and ensuring that they are aware of all risks involved and are not taking more risk than is necessary.
  • Improving the return on deposit monies for those paying significant Income Tax.
  • Minimising Income Tax / Capital Gains Tax / Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Business planning

  • Large companies (with 150+ employees) looking to put a pension scheme into place as part of the auto enrolment regulations that were introduced in 2012.
  • Companies paying significant Income Tax on deposit monies – assistance to improve the return if the money will not be utilised for some time.
  • Keyman insurance. 
  • Group Private Medical Insurance.
  • Group Income Protection.