Professional Financial Centre has extensive expertise of providing independent financial advice in a number of areas, including investment planning, inheritance tax, long term care, retirement and pensions.

Safe hands for your investments

  • There’s never a wrong time to review your investments. Whether you’ve a lump sum that you want to invest, you’d like to increase the income you receive from your investments, or just want to take a fresh look at your existing investments.

  • Nothing in life comes with a 100% guarantee, so we always recommend a well researched and expertly analysed spread of investments. It puts you in the best position to achieve attractive returns, whilst limiting the risk and protecting against uncertain economic conditions.

  • Professional Financial Centre will help you negotiate the minefield that is the investment market: hundreds of organisations offering thousands of products that vary greatly in terms of risk, performance, taxation and competitiveness.

Focused on you

  • Professional Financial Centre has a dedicated and highly qualified team of Independent Financial Advisers that are passionate about the impartial investment advice they can provide their clients with.

  • We take our independence seriously. We are not tied to any bank, building society or life assurance company, and neither should you be. We’re proud to say that our advice is impartial.

Get in control of your financial future

  • We’re committed to providing a personal service, so we’ll start off spending time with you to discuss your objectives. We’ll find out whether you require an income, and if so how much, or whether you simply want your capital to grow or a combination of the two.

Know the risks

  • We all know that investing is about getting the right balance between risk and potential returns. And, unfortunately, it’s true that the higher returns, the higher the risk tends to be – so we always ensure that your investment plan is right. It’s our job to maximise your returns without taking undue risks.

  • We aim to build a portfolio of investments with a level of risk that you can feel comfortable with while maximising investment returns consistent with your risk profile. And you can be confident in our abilities too – our experience ranges from those willing to accept a relatively low level of risk through to experienced, adventurous investors.

Options that work for you

  • Because we’re truly independent, you can rest assured that we use careful methods to select the right financial products to suit your financial needs. First we’ll use our sophisticated systems to scour the market, and then apply our team’s own knowledge and experience of financial organisations and their products to narrow down the options and find the right products for you.

  • We’ll also ensure that you make the most of any reliefs or exemptions that are available, taking into account income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Investments with added clarity

  • At Professional Financial Centre, we want your portfolio to have as much clarity as possible. So we produce a personal schedule of recommended investments with easily identified key information and charts showing the breakdown in terms of asset allocation and the level of risk.