Call in the experts

  • There’s a veritable minefield of financial products out there, from hundreds of organisations. The wide range in risk, performance, taxation and competitiveness can be time consuming within today’s busy lifestyles – without the right advice.

  • Because we’re independent, Professional Financial Centre will carefully select the right financial products to suit your individual needs. Because of our sophisticated systems and our team’s own knowledge and experience of financial organisations and their products, you can be sure we’ll make the right choice – and negotiate that minefield for you.

Truly independent financial advice

  • There’s only one way to be completely sure that advice is independent to have your financial planning advice carried out on a fee basis. This means that the adviser gets paid every time – and by the person that’s most important in the transaction – you, rather than the financial organisation providing the product.

  • Paying on a fee basis means that you are paying for the advice itself, not the arrangement of transactions. At Professional Financial Centre, we will advise you take out a certain product only if it best meets your needs.

  • Any initial commission that is received by us is either credited against our fees, or reinvested. If the initial commission exceeds our fees we will pay the excess to you. If our fees exceed the commission you will pay the balance.

  • We’re focused on providing sound financial planning advice.

  • We’re not influenced by commission.

  • We’re sure to recommend investments or transactions that pay little or no commission when these suit your needs.

Professional to the core

  • You can be sure of a professional planning service at Professional Financial Centre. We will spend time with you to discuss your objectives and work out your individual needs before anything else happens. Then we’ll use our considerable experience to find solutions that work for you.

  • We will make sure you make the most of any reliefs or exemptions that are available. What’s more, you’ll benefit from our unique financial planning systems, ensuring the right solutions are implemented.